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Die fünf Bremsklötze

4 October 2021

The five brakes on strategy implementation

One of the biggest challenges in management is getting good strategies implemented in good time. There is usually no lack of promising strategic designs in companies. What is inadequate, however, is the translation into practical consequences for the relevant areas and the implementation in profit-enhancing structures and processes.

The fact is that many companies are strong in terms of strategic design, but unfortunately all too weak in terms of implementation. The managers in the firing line rightly complain that the companies are too slow – that they consider themselves lucky if they eventually see their high-power strategy models roll off the production line, and even then, with execution flaws and far too late. In such a culture, they often feel isolated in a cabal of colleagues who water things down instead of concentrating on getting things done, and who slow things down instead of going full throttle.

Die fünf Bremsklötze

Image: Adobe Stock Savvapanf Photo

In addition to the ten implementation weaknesses mentioned elsewhere, my experience has shown that there are five other obstacles that hinder focused and rapid strategy implementation. Here is a short list of how amateurs in the art of management go about it compared with the way it is handled by the real pros.






Of course, this is only a brief outline of or insight into what brings even the smartest strategies to the brink of failure or even tip them over the edge. If, in addition to the background to these failures, you also want to learn all about the basics of successful smart strategies, I recommend my latest book Management beyond Ego: Leading teams to success in the new world of work and my white paper Strategy + Innovation Speed, which you can download here free of charge.

Matthias Kolbusa



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