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High Performance Teams

You want a high-performance culture? Be one of the few who really achieve it!

“High-performance teams achieve extraordinary things through Discomfort.”

Matthias Kolbusa


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Added values that you take with you

With the five booster values to high performance culture

Only those who have the courage and the unconditional will to push to the extreme of the Dark Zone with the booster values of openness, courage, speed, trust and reliability will experience an incredible performance breakthrough.

The harder you try, the further you get

The success of your organisation depends almost mathematically precisely on the maturity, creativity and willingness of people to make themselves as uncomfortable as possible with maximum discomfort in mind.

With the Discomfort Jump to new Success Levels

For the leap to the next plateau of success, it is important to do things differently than usual. Get out of the prison of experience and boldly go new ways. If you always do more of the same and only optimise instead of creating, sooner or later you will crash.

The three performance dimensions

True top performance is always emotionally driven, never rational! Only those who master the triangle of performance dimensions - result orientation, emotions and values - can establish a high-performance culture.

Customer testimonials

Joachim Fensch

“Mr. Kolbusa employs rigor and consistency to skillfully leverage crucial changes in corporate culture.”

Joachim Fensch, Member of the Board, ERGO Group AG

“Stringent and consistent, Kolbusa drives management teams to success! It is exhausting, but fun and, above all, it brings progress.”

Björn Schniederkötter, CEO, Hoyer Group

“Kolbusa is refreshingly clear and direct but also always wants the best for his partners. If you can stand the heat, then he’ll definitely take you to the next level.”

Markus Grolms, Chief Human Resources Officer, thyssenkrupp steel Europe SE

“Mr. Kolbusa impresses with his structured presentations and razor-sharp analyses of change processes – and also provides valuable advice.”

Prof. Dr. Peter Krug, Board Member, DATEV eG

“When managers talk about change, they usually mean the others. Anyone who really wants to change themselves and their organization will find a methodologically experienced and consistent advisor in the person of Kolbusa.”

Lothar Engelke, CTO, SwissLife

“If you want to discover how to bring people and entire organizations to peak performance that goes beyond the usual advisory rhetoric, then Kolbusa is your man.”

Jürgen Hermann, CEO, QSC

Further customer testimonials

Jetzt eine Hochleistungskultur etablieren!

If you want to rise above yourself for a true high-performance culture, you have to dare everything, give everything and leave your comfort zones behind again and again. You want to go all the way at best? A good and courageous decision! Would you like to move yourself and your team decisively forward and experience how your strategies, transformations and projects reach their goal at high speed? Find out more now.

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