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Fabulous implementation performance – finally!

Far too often, implementations fail not because of bad strategies, but because of the human factor. This is how organisations outgrow themselves.

Navy SEALS Principles for Management and Team Performance

Strength and the legendary will to hardship of the Navy SEALS are only two pillars of their success. The others are cohesion, trust and responsibility for the mission and the team.

Consistency! Management without compromise - leading with clarity and sincerity

Management without compromise through targeted discomfort and a culture where speed is as important as quality.

Management beyond Ego – Leading Teams to Extraordinary Successes

Logic thinks, emotion acts. Overcome the ego in management through emotional goal images for which people burn and can give everything.

Customer testimonials

“With his energetic presentation, Mr. Kolbusa not only managed to inspire our executives, but sustainably ensured that they rethought their attitudes and behaviors.”

Manfred Hofer, Management Transgourmet

“Very forthright and thought-provoking.”

Hartmut Jenner, CEO, Alfred Kärcher GmbH

“Kolbusa tells it like it is, but in an agreeable way that inspires executives and encourages them to reflect.”

Bernhard Osburg, CEO, Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

“Reinhard Sprenger has now been joined by Matthias Kolbusa, an equally talented management expert who also leaves empty slogans and quackery far behind him.”

Dieter Brandes, management expert and former Managing Director of Aldi-Nord

“Encounters with Matthias Kolbusa put familiar things in a new light. He not only shows you new aspects but also helps you view old ones in a way you’ve never done before.”

Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke, CTO, Deutsche Bahn AG

“Stimulating views on current management challenges.”

Dr. Heiko Fischer, CEO, VTG AG

“Revealing, inspiring, motivating. Rarely heard such clear words on management.”

Tobias Nagel, Partner and CTO, Nagel Group

“If you want to change something in one hour, then Matthias Kolbusa can help you. His forcefulness is impressive.”

Dominik Lucius, CFO, FMS Logistics


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