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SWOT diagrams and bubble charts? Those who only optimise do not create the success of tomorrow!

“Strategy is an emotional target image that your team burns for.”

Matthias Kolbusa


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Strategy is a state, not a plan

A strategy is a vivid and pictorial idea of the future that can be told. A state for which people "burn" and which is used to achieve goals. Strategy is based on thinking in terms of alternative goal states, from which the most attractive one is selected to achieve the desired goals.

A=>B vs B=>A thinking

A=>B thinking is what we are used to doing: We deal with the status quo (state A), think about what we can do, change or improve, string these things (activities!) on the pearl string and call this the "strategic plan". Breakthrough strategies are created differently!

Successful strategies generate resistance

Today's success is tomorrow's failure! An attractive strategy that leads to a real competitive difference tomorrow paints a picture that is different from the status quo. Otherwise, it is only optimisation, with which you remain in mediocrity. If your strategy only meets with approval, you can be sure that it is no good.


Customer testimonials

“Identifying really good strategy and getting it on course for success is an art! Kolbusa is a master of this art.”

Bernhard Osburg, CEO, Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

“As part of a realignment of QSC AG, Mr. Kolbusa helped us gain a massive amount of competitive strength, in terms of content as well as regarding the management team itself.”

Jürgen Hermann, CEO, QSC

“Matthias Kolbusa combines strategy expertise with a sense of how organizations can be changed.”

Stephan Esch, Management Board, freenet AG

“It is amazing how Mr. Kolbusa makes complexities manageable and discussable. This is the way to generate true management commitment.”

Dr. Jörg Ritter, Member of the Board, BTC AG

“Kolbusa is undisputedly one of the most experienced consultants there is in the fields of strategy and change. Thank you for your consistently valuable collaboration!”

Sebastian Jurczyk, Chairman of the Management Board, Stadtwerke Münster

“Never before have I experienced such fast but well-grounded strategy development. Kolbusa is an outstanding strategy consultant.”

Dr Götz Lincke, Managing Director, PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH

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