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Kolbusa’s Wisdom

“I don’t know what is most important when working with Kolbusa – his methodological competence, his tenacity in continuously insisting that you maintain a focus on the joint goal, or his ability to win over all the different players and keep everything down to earth.”

Carsten Evers, CFO, thyssenkrupp steel Europe SE

Management is an emotional and social team competence

When we in management do not get the best out of our organisations, it is rarely because we lack acumen, experience or decision-making power. Because these are in every good manager. Most of the time, the shortcoming lies in positive driving emotions, or in social interaction, which is sometimes too controversial, but often too harmonious.

“Kolbusa brings an incredible clarity through his direct, challenging and sometimes relentless, but always positive and motivating view, which leads to great bursts of energy and inspiration in management teams. Super and very helpful, especially for time-critical, uncomfortable or even complex topics.”

Heike Niehues, CEO Webasto Customized Solutions

“Real success lies beyond the mainstream. Matthias Kolbusa shows how to find it.”

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker, Chairman Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Chairman of Atlantik-Brücke and Member of the Board of Trustees of ZEIT-Stiftung

Everything counts. There are no soft factors in management

Excellent consulting is not just a question of professional aptitude. It requires management expertise coupled with an eye and skill for the only seemingly soft factors that often make the difference between average and exceptional performance. Whether it is strategy development, the implementation of a transformation or a value enhancement programme. It is important to perceive and interpret the phenomena you encounter in order to see the big picture through them.

“Time and again Matthias Kolbusa manages to put complex management issues in a nutshell.”

Dr. Leonhard Birnbaum, CEO, e.on

Knowledge is more than information, wisdom is more than knowledge

T.S. Eliot said: "Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?" Cutting-edge consultancy goes beyond strategic and methodological know-how. It stimulates networked thinking to identify and solve the "root causes" in a global context. It not only provides previously unknown information, but also gains in knowledge and enthusiasm to find ideas and approaches off the beaten track and to want and be able to implement them together.

“Kolbusa brings extreme clarity and structure to challenging projects and has a talent for combining them with a momentum that is characterized by the highly productive cooperation of all the participants.”

Michael Kundel, CEO, RENOLIT SE

A breakthrough requires many adjusting screws

Management and consulting do not know single-tasking: you don't turn a single screw and everything works like magic. For a while it means working hard and painfully on oneself and the organisation until a breathtaking breakthrough occurs. Suddenly you rub your eyes and wonder: "It looks so simple and goes so easily. Why didn't we do it this way before?"

“Kolbusa has the methodological skills and empathy to create an atmosphere that pragmatically but stringently helps teams set their own goals and consistently implement them.”

Dr. Carsten Sührig, CFO and CPO, TECHEM GmbH

The management magic you can't look for but can find

In the end, even the trickiest transformations and strategy projects have an inherent magic that is not consciously sought, but found in a strikingly natural way. Unimagined resources open up: not only in the variables of the topic, in the technology or the methods, but also in the people who free themselves from their prison of experience to think, interact and act in a completely new way.

“Good strategies are one thing; consistent implementation management another. Anyone who wants to achieve excellence in both and drive topics forward even faster will find a valuable partner in Matthias Kolbusa.”

Dr. Volker Hentschel, Board Member, DB Netz AG

About Matthias Kolbusa

In strategy development, implementation programmes, change projects or other projects, the really good ideas often don't even make it to the table because we unnecessarily get in each other's way. Yet people want to achieve a lot, want to cooperate and support each other Mostly, the normal and all-too-human traits that repeatedly lead to us wanting to distinguish ourselves, that our thinking and reasoning is trapped in categories of "them" and "us" and that we seal ourselves off in silos, only to then not work together as it could be.

This socialisation in the company needs to be sensed and dissolved without anyone losing face. In the eyes of his clients, Matthias Kolbusa has the extraordinary talent to steer these phenomena in a fruitful direction. In doing so, he unfolds a special quality in strategic thinking that not only raises the content of his work to a new level, but also develops people in their maturity and their togetherness. He succeeds in reawakening the fundamental will of those involved to work together and to create not only hierarchical and procedural but above all social structures in which 1 + 1 becomes far more than 2.

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